DEpendability and Security by Enhanced REConfigurability




  • WP1 (Horizontal Processes): addresses the user requirements, the risk analysis, the architecture design.
  • WP2 (operational planning) deals with the creation of planned operational modes (or standard configurations). Its main activities are:
    • a thorough multi-level modelling of networked information systems, that keeps into account all aspects related to dependability
    • a policy system to formally express the desired dependability attributes
    • a validation and simulation environment, to assess the dependability properties and verify by simulation the expected behaviour under a certain configuration and expected faults
    The resulting configurations target an optimal use of the system resources, both under normal and faulty conditions.
  • WP3 (deployment and hot reaction) addresses the automated reconfiguration process (to take place in a time scale of minutes). Based on alarms generated by elements in WP4, the system is able to launch resume operations with under-nominal resources, targeting downgraded objectives but keeping mission-critical functions running. The system could be driven into either a pre-defined state (for foreseen errors) or a minimal "survivability" state, when unforeseen errors occur. In the latter case, human intervention may be required for further analysis of the problem (to be carried out with the help of the WP2 tools) to achieve self-learning and lead to improved configurations and extended fault coverage.
  • WP4: (Fast cicatrisation): The goal is to detect as close as possible from the origin (both in space and time) a fault, being that the result of an intrusion or an incident, to propagate the alert and launch local quick responses. Here the main focus is on fast cicatrisation of breaches or misbehaviour, to keep them as local as possible.
  • WP2, WP3 and WP4 will produce prototypes that will be gathered in one global demonstrator (WP8: Integration, Validation, Demonstration) to show the improvement brought by DESEREC in the field of resilience. The demonstrator will be applied to three test bed environments, to validate the DESEREC approach: the control and management systems of an electrical power network, a railway line and a telecom infrastructure.
  • Four other WPs WP5, WP6, WP0, WP8, deal respectively with the dissemination , training, management and internal auditing, and integration&validation.