DEpendability and Security by Enhanced REConfigurability


Thales D3S

Thales Security Solutions & Services Division

Company Profile

The new Security Solutions & Services Division of Thales, operational since 5 January 2007, combines the businesses of Thales's former Security and Services divisions with those of Alcatel-Lucent's Transport Systems Division (TSD) and Integration & Services Division (ISD).

This new division positions Thales as the world leader in mission critical solutions and services for safety and security markets in the civil sector.

The name of the Security Solutions & Services Division is self-explanatory:

  • Our end-to-end solutions enable our customers in civil and public sector markets to manage the critical infrastructures under their responsibility. Critical infrastructures are capital projects and systems which are vital to a country or company, and which must continue to deliver the services even in case of a major incident or malicious act.
  • Security is a core function of our solutions, and protects these critical infrastructures from sabotage or attack. The division is a world-class security solutions integrator with a unique positioning in the market and an unmatched portfolio of advanced technologies.
  • The division also proposes a complete set of high-value services. This is a natural extension of our equipment and systems capabilities and it enables us to support our customers over the long term, for example by providing them with consultancy, maintenance and IT outsourcing solutions.

The Security Solutions and Services activities around the world now generate revenues of 3.2 billion Euros, with about 20,000 employees in 35 countries.

Contact Information

Georges Le Pallec : E-Mail
Julien Marin-Frisonroche : E-Mail

Involvement in Deserec

To achieve the Deserec goal, we are taking part in:
  • Defining the user requirements,
  • Providing a use case and its associated testbed (based on a real architecture),
  • Testing and experiencing the Deserec framework,
  • Demonstrating the results of the projects.

Company exploitation plan

As an end-user partner on this project, the overall interest of Thales is to improve the management of complex and large systems provided to its customers. So Thales is planning, according to the project outcomes, to introduce the Deserec framework (parts or as a whole) in its infrastructure or in the infrastructures provided to its customers.