DEpendability and Security by Enhanced REConfigurability




Company Profile

IABG is a leading European technology company. Our primary focus is on forward-looking applications of high technology and science. We plan, realise and operate. With approximately 1,000 experienced and dedicated employees, we offer our customers solutions in the areas of Automotive, InfoCom, Transport & Environment, Aeronautics, Space and Defence & Security.

Contact Information

Maximilian List: E-Mail
Wolfgang Fritsche: E-Mail

Involvement in Deserec

IABG has many years of experience in security technologies, focusing especially in integrating them with other protocols in customer-specific system architectures. IABG will use this knowledge for leading WP1 on "Horizontal Processes". Beside the collection of user requirements and the performance of risk analysis the main outcome of WP1 definitively will be the DESEREC system architecture integrating the various contributions from all the other WPs. Furthermore IABG will bring in its experience with different simulation tools into WP2 in order to appropriately simulating user scenarios, their security incidents, and possible countermeasures.

Company exploitation plan

IABG supports many of its customers, such as car manufacturer, governmental institutions or customers from our own satellite Teleport, concerning security issues of their networks. This support could be consultancy work, but could also be assessing the security of an outsourced network or prototyping and testing new security components. From DESEREC IABG expects to further strengthen its experience in detecting and appropriately reacting to security incidents. Furthermore IABG intends to gain further knowledge in simulating complex network architectures to allow safe pre-testing of any advanced features, like security.