DEpendability and Security by Enhanced REConfigurability



Hellenic Telecommunications Organization

Company Profile

OTE is the incumbent telecommunications provider in Greece, and together with its subsidiaries forms the leading group of companies nationwide. At the same time, OTE is among the five largest listed companies with respect to capitalization, in the Athens Stock Exchange. OTE is also listed in the stock exchanges of New York (NYSE) and London (LSE). Its shares are included in various indexes, such as the FTASE/ASE 20 and the FTSE Eurotop 300. Since 1996 (when OTE was a state-owned monopoly), the Greek state has been gradually reducing its participation in OTE's share capital. Today, the state owns 38,7% of OTE's share capital. With local, long distance and international communications services in addition to mobile telephony, Internet services, and high-speed data communications, OTE provides consumers and business the ability to communicate globally through its extensive network infrastructure. OTE, through its investments in South-East Europe, addresses a potential customer base of 60 million people.

Contact Information

Involvement in Deserec

OTE is involved in the following:
  • WP1 (14+9MMs)
  • Demonstration (6+6MMs)
  • Training (0.5+0.5MMs)
Our role is:
  • To contribute to the User Requirements and Scenarios
  • To contribute to the testing of the DESERECs Architecture
  • To demonstrate DESERECs architecture in a real Telco environment

Company exploitation plan

OTE will disseminate the results of DESEREC in the following areas:
  • IPTV infrastructure protection (e.g. VoD servers, Streamers, Encoders, Key Servers)
  • NMS protection (e.g. DSL NMSs)
  • IT systems protection (e.g. BSS/OSS, CRM)
  • Network Elements protection (e.g. DSLAMs)