DEpendability and Security by Enhanced REConfigurability



EADS Defence and Security Systems

Company Profile

EADS Defence and Security Systems (DS) is the defence and security pole within EADS, driving forward the Group's development of integrated system solutions that meet the needs of its customers for network enhanced capabilities. The telecom pole of EADS DS, is a world-wide supplier of secured communications networks for Defence, Public Safety and civil secure applications, based on civilian technologies. The aim is to provide the public safety, defence and civil markets with communication solutions based on state of the art of civil technologies.

Contact Information

Patrick Radja: E-Mail
Vincent Loriot: E-Mail

Involvement in Deserec

EADS DS will bring its expertise in securing large information system and the handling of large numbers of equipment by being in charge of the technical management of the project and by leading the WP3 on "Deployment and Hot reaction". The main contribution of EADS DS during will be the design and the implementation of reaction mechanisms enhancing system dependability.

Company exploitation plan

EADS DS expect to exploit its results inside DESEREC in all its markets line in order to provide to its various customers (Defence, public safety, administration, large account,...) efficient management solution allowing them to enhance their information system resilience to a large range of incidents. DESEREC results will be integrated inside EADS DS offer on secured system.
From DESEREC, EADS expects to strengthen its experience in managing security of large IT systems and in particular in detecting and appropriately reacting to incidents.