DEpendability and Security by Enhanced REConfigurability




Company Profile

SEARCH-LAB Ltd. is a Hungarian SME based in Budapest with 15 employees. Its core business areas involve:
  • Consultancy activities in the field of mobile IT security (i.e. security testing of mobile equipment and applications)
  • R&D in the area of computer security (e.g. Digital Rights Management or protection against malware)
  • Research of biometric identification techniques (e.g. face-, ear- or gait-based)

Contact Information

Zoltan Hornak: E-Mail

Involvement in Deserec

SEARCH-LAB is mainly involved in WP1 (Requirements & Specification) and WP4 (Fast Cicatrisation).
SEARCH-LAB's contributes its skill to create systematic security specifications for highly dependable systems and its experience from previous activities in the field of Denial-of-Service detection and prevention.
Our main expectations are results that can be utilized in achieving systems highly resilient against external attacks.

Company exploitation plan

SEARCH-LAB intends to use the know-how and information about critical infrastructures obtained through DESEREC in future security-related consultancy projects.