DEpendability and Security by Enhanced REConfigurability




Company Profile

TNO is a leading independent contract research organization
About TNO
  • Founded by Dutch law in 1930
  • Assistance of companies that have no in-house R&D
  • Independent of public and private interests
Key figures
  • Annual turnover: EUR 553 mln
  • 5100 Employees
Core Areas
  • TNO Defence, Security and Safety
  • TNO Science and Industry
  • TNO Built Environment and Geosciences
  • TNO Quality of life
  • TNO Information and Communication Technology

Contact Information

web address: www.tno.nl/ict
Peter Albeda: E-Mail

Involvement in Deserec

  • T1.1: User requirements from Telecom Operators and Defense market such as QoS and External Attacks
  • T1.3: Interfaces, standards, models and tools for QoS and Fast detection external attacks. Learning and validation architecture
  • T3.3 Decision module
  • Contributing to all tasks. Relevant knowledge: Intrusion detection, network simulation, network management, network optimising
WP5, 6
  • As needed
  • WP management

Company exploitation plan

We intend to use the knowledge gained in DESEREC to improve our existing public domain intrusion detection system NERD, allowing better detection of network attacks which can be used in the DESEREC architecture.