DEpendability and Security by Enhanced REConfigurability



Trusted Logic

Company Profile

Trusted Logic is a company based in France whose mission statement is "Be the leading provider of secure, open technology middleware and companion services for embedded systems".
Trusted Logic activities are organized around 4 areas:
  • Smart cards and secure tokens
  • Mobile and consumer devices
  • Payment and professional terminals
  • Trusted Labs (security consulting, tests and evaluations)

Contact Information

www.trusted-logic.com / www.trusted-labs.com
Christophe Colas: E-Mail

Involvement in Deserec

Trusted Labs leads the DESEREC security analysis and security model. The Trusted Labs contribution is based on its experience on risk analysis in the embedded system security area. Trusted Labs focuses on security models and attack trees. Relevant expertise provided includes vulnerability assessment and supporting methodology.
Based on its expertise in the development of software security embedded functions, Trusted Logic Mobile and Consumer Devices Business Unit will contribute to key components of the DESEREC system including the decision module, the event monitoring and the fast reaction detection system.

Company exploitation plan

Trusted Logic will integrate when applicable the added-value features of DESEREC in its products.
Trusted Labs will:
  • benefit from analyzing new use cases and system resilience
  • increase its expertise in the field of security consulting and evaluation by cross fertilizing security with dependability and reconfigurability aspects
  • distribute results over security specialized forums, congresses and events